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The 201 Clinical Trial For Patients With Untreated Parkinson’s Disease

The 201 Clinical Trial is a trial that will explore whether a novel drug, Risvodetinib (IkT-148009), can slow or halt progression of Parkinson’s disease. The trial will also evaluate whether Risvodetinib (IkT-148009) can partially or completely restore lost function.

Study assessments, testing and medication are provided at no cost to participants. Financial support for travel to and from trial sites may be available.

A New Approach to Altering the Course of Parkinson’s Disease With Risvodetinib (IkT-148009)

If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease you may be eligible to participate in a ground-breaking study that aims to halt disease progression.

See If You Qualify

What will you experience on the trial?

  • Your participation could last for as long as 15 months
  • You will receive once daily medication containing either the investigational drug Risvodetinib (IkT-148009) or placebo
  • Blood and urine samples will be collected periodically to evaluate safety and tolerability
  • Screenings will be conducted to evaluate safety & tolerability, functionality and to perform quality of life assessments
  • Optional assessments of biomarkers of Parkinson’s disease by sampling tissues and fluids from your body
Am I Eligible?

Risvodetinib (IkT-148009) is a Treatment That May Alter the Course of Your Parkinson’s Disease

Watch this short video to learn how Risvodetinib (IkT-148009) is thought to work to alter the course of your disease

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