Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find frequently asked questions regarding the 201 clinical trial in untreated Parkinson’s disease.

There are specific eligibility criteria for participation in the trial. Discuss your prior use of anti-Parkinson’s medications with a trial site physician.

The trial will be conducted in two parts. The first part will be a double-blinded trial with a placebo control group for once daily oral Risvodetinib (IkT-148009) or a placebo for 12 weeks. We plan to extend the trial for an additional 12 months. Once approved by the institutional review board, you may be considered for continuation on treatment for an additional 12 months. If you were taking a placebo in the first 12 weeks, you will be switched to a 200 mg dose of Risvodetinib (IkT-148009) for 12 additional months of once daily therapy.

The study is double-blinded, which means neither you nor the trial site staff or doctors will know if you are taking Risvodetinib (IkT-148009) or placebo.

Travel reimbursement will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Prior to traveling, you may speak with a trial site physician or coordinator to determine if you are eligible for a full assessment of your eligibility to participate in the trial.

120 older healthy adults and older adults with Parkinson’s disease have been exposed to doses of Risvodetinib (IkT-148009) up to 200 mg for as long as 11 weeks and, the medication was well tolerated with few side effects.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, the risks and possible side effects associated with participating in this clinical trial will be thoroughly discussed with you by the trial site physician. If you are eligible and choose to participate in the study, you can stop participating at any time for any reason.

There is no known medication that has been shown to alter the course of a patient’s Parkinson’s disease. Risvodetinib (IkT-148009) has been shown to halt disease progression and led to functional recovery in mouse models of human Parkinson’s disease. It is unknown whether such results will occur for you or any other participant in the trial. The goal of this trial is to evaluate whether Risvodetinib (IkT-148009) will have an impact on the course of a typical patient’s Parkinson’s disease.